(Last Updated On: July 21, 2020)

I’m not saying that that news or maybe causes doesn’t help.
But of course, if let’s say is a certain piece of news that you manage to get hold of. You know it’s true, but somehow this news is not out there. Do you realize that becomes an edge that you have? Because although it’s technically insider news, for example.

But however, if it’s a news that nobody knows it, it’s not out there, that is something that is to your advantage, and those are the kind of news that will help you make a decision right now.

But if it’s a news that is already out there, people has already reacted to those news, then the impact of the news will have been discounted off. And even if you know what is the cause of the price drop, same thing: it has been discount off; it has no use to you as a trader anymore.
That’s the reason why I wouldn’t suggest you to get overwhelm and get so hung up about causes and news, especially if they have already been out. The price reaction has already happened due to that because the market has discounted away that cause and that news already, so it’s not going to help you make any decisions anymore.

Again, focus on other things that can help you make a decision immediately.

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