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When Should You Move a Stop Loss to Breakeven?

If you have been following my webinars and seminars, you will constantly hear me preaching the importance of setting stop loss

For new traders just starting out to learn trading, my recommendation is to just fix a stop loss and stick to it come what may as this single step exercise helps a new trader be more disciplined. 

However, once taking stop losses becomes second nature to you, it is time for you to learn how to utilize trailing stops to reduce your risk exposure and to maximise your potential returns. 

In this article, the author shared about some important things to take note of when you are ready to learn how to move your stops

So head in now and read it before you start formulating your trailing stop strategy.




Risk Management: The Holy Grail of Long Term Profitable Trading

Besides trading psychology and trading strategy, the third key pillar of trading is the emphasis on risk management / position sizing. 

While trading strategy’s main purpose is to help you identify high probability trading ideas, it is extremely important as well to decide on a risk management plan, so that in the event you are wrong, you will not wipe out a big portion of your trading capital

In this article, the author shared why it is so crucial for any trader to have a risk management plan, how to go about determining the ideal risk parameters and finally, how many units to trade to ensure you are not risking too much. 

So head in and have a good read!




5 Surprising Reasons Why Demo Trading Is Bad For You

For a newbie trader with very limited capital base, my usual suggestion is to start off with demo trading. 

This offers an inexperienced trader the opportunity to build up his trading workflow competency and saving up enough money first, before moving on to the major league. 

However, staying too long in a demo trading mode has got its downside as well. 

In this excellent article, the author shared 5 surprising reasons why he thinks it is actually bad for a trader to stay too long in demo trading

Have you been trading in a demo account? 

If you are, do have a read to learn how you could be doing injustice to your trading growth.




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