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Are you a new trader looking to learn essential trading knowledge so that you can start your journey towards profitable trading on the right footing?

Or have you been trading for a while now but are still struggling because you don’t know who you can trust to learn your trading skills from?

We are excited to share with you our new book “Trading Mentors: Learn Timeless Strategies and Best Practices From Successful Traders”, and this book is going to teach you how to become a proficient and profitable trader.

I was fortunate enough to spend the last ten years of my career as a financial market professional and had the opportunity to interact with thousands of both struggling and successful independent traders. Over time, I’ve been able to decode what differentiates the profitable traders from those who are struggling and in this book, I’m going to showcase those differences to you through the minds and experiences of 10 successful independent traders, who have dug through the trenches and emerged at the other end.

Right now, and only during our special book launch period, we are going to give you over $500 worth of bonuses for free, which will complement the knowledge you will gain from this book.

All you need to do is buy the Trading Mentors book on Amazon right away and submit your purchase information at TradingMentorsBook.com

So what’s included in this special book launch bonus offer?

You’ll get FREE access to
–  Online Trading Summit video recordings of the ten trading mentors who are profiled in this book.
– 2 months FREE subscription to my new and upcoming Traderwave inner circle membership where you’ll get to watch videos of my monthly thoughts about the global financial market trends, interviews with other highly successful independent traders and more.
– 6 months of FREE access to the Pro plan of Traderwave Charting software.
– Other exclusive bonus trading materials from some of the trading mentors.

So what is Trading Mentors about and why did I choose to write this book?

The publication of Trading Mentors was laid upon the foundation of the Online Trading Summit, which I organised and hosted. The summit attracted more than 30 world-class trading experts from around the world to come and share their expertise with over 25,000 participants.

Following the summit, I contemplated how I could continue to use the best contents contributed by the speakers to reach out to more independent traders around the world. Selecting the top 10 speakers to be profiled in a trading book seemed like the best way to go, and that was how the “Trading Mentors” book was born.

In this book, each of the trading mentors shares their unique path to becoming a profitable trader. Each of them uses a different combination of trading styles, strategies, trading horizons and workflow to establish their trading edge.,

At the same time, there are also many similar trading principles and best practices that the mentors constantly emphasise throughout the book.

Whether you are a new, struggling or proficient trader, Trading Mentors is packed with tons of trading knowledge for you.

This is that moment in time when you’ve to decide if you are truly serious about achieving financial freedom through trading.

If this is really what you want, I’d be honoured to help you achieve it with this Trading Mentors book as your learning foundation.

So let’s recap. Other than receiving a century worth of combined trading wisdom when you get this book today, you’ll also get instant access to hundreds of dollars worth of bonuses that will put you on track to become the best trader you can possibly become. So head over to Amazon right now to pick up the Trading Mentors book. Come back here after that and click on the button below to claim your bonuses.

With all of these great trading resources that you’ll get with the purchase of the Trading Mentors book, I say you have nothing to lose on this trade.

This special launch offer ends at midnight on the 10th of Feb 2019.

So don’t wait. Get this book and all its special launch bonuses right now. I’ll see you on the other side!

Get your copy of Trading Mentors and claim your bonuses by clicking the button below now!

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