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Top 6 Bollinger Bands Trading Strategies That You Can Use

Bollinger Band is a pretty popular technical overlay created by John Bollinger that is based on band that narrows and widens around a moving average

In this excellent beginner’s article, the author shared 15 interesting things to know about Bollinger Band, as well as covered 6 different strategies that you can use to trade using Bollinger Band

If you have not learned about this technical overlay before and will like to get yourself familiarised with the basic use case, head in and read up right now.




Do You Have What It Takes To Successfully Trade Financial Markets?

Dr Brett Steenbarger , a trading performance coach for more than 15 years recently shared his thoughts on a Forbes article, on what is required for one to become a successful trader. 

He found from his many years of experience of working with top traders that, many beliefs of what it takes to be a performance trader were plain wrong. 

In this article, he attempted to explain the 3 common myths that people have about trading success

He then went on to share what a serious trader should focus on instead.

Hope this article will provide the insights that you need to elevate yourself to the next level of trading!




10 Things You Can Learn From The World’s Best Traders

While it is good to be hardworking and learn about the best practices of trading by experimenting, sometimes it might not be a bad idea to learn from those legendary traders. 

By learning from them, we get to avoid catastrophic mistakes, as well as speed up our learning process to become proficient quicker. 

In this excellent article, the author has kindly compiled quotes from 10 of the most successful traders and investors of our time and share how those words of wisdom helped him become a better trader in shorter time. 

If you keen to progress faster as a trader, make sure you digest whatever is shared in this article.



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