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The Best Gann Fan Trading Strategy – A Winning Strategy

The Gann Fan trading strategy is an advanced technical analysis technique that experienced traders might find useful once they move beyond the foundations of support / resistance analysis.

With a Gann Fan indicator, you can use the fan angles to determine if a trend has changed and decide if a trading opportunity has presented itself to you.

In this article, the author shared his step-by-step process of how he uses Gann Fan indicator to identify entry opportunity, stop-loss level and profit-taking target.

So if you find the traditional support and resistance analysis insufficient for your need, do head in and see if this alternative advanced strategy might be helpful for you or not.




Find The Best Forex Trades Every Week By Using A Watchlist

When we talk about finding the most ideal trading ideas, traders are often obsessed with their trading strategy. 

However, many failed to realise that if they do not have an efficient workflow to shortlist, filter and identify trading ideas, they could miss many trading opportunities even with a great trading strategy.

If you understand that the price trend of a financial instrument moves in cycles, you will be able to track the market and find good ideas using less time.

In this article, the author kindly shared how he uses a watch list to narrow down his list of tradable instruments very quickly.

So head in and learn how to make your idea generation workflow more efficient as well!




13 Invaluable Lessons From Jesse Stine – Part 1 of 2

Jesse Stine is a regular independent stock trader who produced an unbelievable 14,972% returns, from $46k into $6.8 million in just 28 months (fully audited).

While many independent retail traders can only dream of achieving that kind of trading results, his experience definitely serve as an inspiration that it can be done.

So how did he manage to achieve such success in his trading business? 

Through the book that Jesse Stine has written to document his trading journey, the author of this article has kindly summarise 13 lessons that he has learnt from reading this book.

So jump in right now and absorb as much as you can. And remember to click on part 2 of the article to read the entire words of wisdom by Jesse Stine.




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