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My friend, Shanison Lin, and his company, InvestingNote is organizing the biggest trading simulation tournament in Singapore and I will like to invite you to accept the challenge and take part in it!

This tournament is FREE for all to join. Beginners who are interested to trade but are unsure on how to, this will be a great opportunity for you to get started. If you already a pro trader, be sure not to miss out on this active trading challenge and stand a chance to walk away with fame, glory and amazing prizes!

Participants will be given virtual capital to trade using real market data with $15,000 worth of prizes up for grab. Also, stand a chance to WIN an iPhone 11 Pro just by registering as a participant!

Sign up for the trading tournament here!


Below are some of the details of the SG Active Trading Tournament:

Registration will begin from 21 September 2019 to 8 November 2019, and the “Trading Tournament” will be conducted from 14 October (9am) to 29 November 2019 (5pm), both dates inclusive (the “Campaign Period”).

The Campaign consists of 2 rounds:

Elimination Round (from 14 Oct 2019 – 8 Nov 2019): A free-for-all trading simulation that includes all participants. Top 10 traders based on highest total portfolio returns will be selected. A minimum of four trades for each participant is also required to be the top 10 traders. 

Final Round (from 18 Nov 2019 – 29 Nov 2019): Top 10 traders will compete against each other. The top 3 traders with highest portfolio returns will win a prize. A minimum of four trades for each participant is also required to be the top 3 traders.

Voting Period (from 18 Nov 2019 – 29 Nov 2019): The 10 traders into the final round will  garner for votes from the public during this period. The trader with the highest number of votes will win the “People’s Choice Award”. 


1st: S$4,000 

2nd: S$2,000

3rd: S$1,000

People’s Choice Award winner: S$1,000 

Daily winners: $100 worth of prizes^ per trading day during Elimination Round

Other Prizes:

iPhone 11 pro: One winner who registered for this campaign, will be selected amongst those who registered. 

2x Apple Watch Series 5: Two winners will be selected amongst registered participants who trade at least once during the elimination round.

1x Apple Watch Series 5: One winner will be selected amongst people who voted for the “Peoples’ Choice Award”.

Click here to read the detailed rules, terms and conditions of the tournament.

Sign up for the trading tournament now!

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