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Parabolic SAR Moving Average Trading Strategy

Parabolic SAR indicator is a tool that can help traders anticipate a change of trend

This is particularly useful if the price has been moving in a trend for a period of time.

However, using the Parabolic SAR indicator on its own might not be the best. 

In this article, the author provided a few different ways in which the Parabolic SAR indicator can be used together with moving average to build a complete trading strategy.

Read on to learn how it is done!




The reason why most beginner traders fail in the long run

Trading is a form of skill that is easy to understand and easy to take actions on. 

However, profitable trading is often against human nature. This the reason why most beginner traders who cannot persist long enough fails ultimately.

In this article, the author suggests that the single most important reason why traders fail to be successful in the long run is due to their inability to manage risk.

If you don’t yet understand how important risk management is, you really should take some time to read this article!




An Evening With Ed Seykota

Ed Seykota is one of the most famous technical systematic trend follower, who was once interviewed by Jack Schwager in this book “Market Wizards”.

The author once had an opportunity to chat with Ed and asked him how he selects his universe of instruments to trade on.

The simple answer was that he trades anything that moves, regardless it is currencies, commodities or stocks.

In this article, Ed Seykota generously shared many more of his expert insights, so don’t forget to devour this article and internalise the learnings!




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