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Today’s guest, Lawrence Lee, is the President & CEO of CTS Global, one of the largest global equities proprietary trading firms in the Philippines, where he trains and oversees more than 40 proprietary traders.

Currently, he is also serving as a board member and mentor at Caylum Trading Institute, one of the biggest and most established premiere trading education facilities in the Philippines. Since the age of 16 years old, he has been exposed to stocks and has been trading global markets since then, ranging from the Philippines, to US, Hong Kong and Japan equities markets.


[00:01:31] Lawrence shares how he was exposed to the stock market at a tender age of 16.

[00:06:14] Lawrence recalls how he generated a more than 10x returns on this capital over a 3-years period during his early days.

[00:12:45] Lawrence explains how he recovered his confidence as a trader after giving back the entire 10x profits he made previously when he bet on a single losing trade.

[00:16:51] Lawrence talks about what he finally did differently after two bad experiences of nearly blowing up his trading account.

[00:21:53] Lawrence recalls the phase of his trading journey on how he finally started becoming more proficient and consistent.

[00:23:50] Lawrence details the 3 biggest changes in himself that helped him transit from a newbie trader into a profitable trader.

[00:26:59] Lawrence discusses how he was able to generate a 54.86% return in the year 2018 through his position trading system.

[00:36:29] Lawrence explains why he decided to stick to using a position trading strategy rather than the shorter term swing and momentum trading strategies.

[00:38:50] Lawrence illustrates the main framework behind his position trading strategy.

[00:43:06] Lawrences discusses how he attempts to get into great trades when the broad markets keeps heading higher without any pullbacks.

[00:44:50] Lawrence explains how he was able to generate such high returns of more than 50% despite having just 33% of his trades being profitable.

[00:48:21] Lawrence talks about his stop loss and profit taking strategies.

[00:55:29] Lawrence shares some of his insights on the current bull market conditions where most stocks are at their all time high and why they can still go higher.

[00:59:58] Lawrence explains why he feels that most people should not attempt to try to become full-time traders.

[01:03:30] Lawrence shares his opinion why some people decide to become full-time proprietary traders.

[01:11:07] Lawrence concludes the interview by sharing his top 3 advice for new traders to start on the right footing.

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