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Today’s guest, JC Bisnar, is the CEO and co-founder of Investagrams, one of the fastest growing stock market platforms in the Philippines, with more than 360,000 traders and investors on its platform.

JC started trading the market at the young age of 20 when he was still a student. Along the way, he also worked for Macquarie and Credit Suisse as a stock broker. He has been trading for a living over the past 8 years now while running his young trading platform startup at the same time.


[00:02:11] JC shares how he was exposed to the stock market at a young age of 20 years old.

[00:07:05] JC recalls how his trading journey evolved after raising his first major trading capital infusions from investors.

[00:11:32] JC talks about the one big lucky trade that helped him jumpstart his trading capital significantly

[00:17:02] JC explains the main trading strategy he used during his earlier days of trading. 

[00:20:05] JC recalls his experience navigating the first bearish market condition in his trading career. 

[00:24:22] JC discusses the 3 main realisations he had after he finally reached the stage where he believes he has become truly proficient and consistently profitable.

[00:27:14] JC talks about the typical mistakes he and other novice traders tend to make as they embarked on their trading journey.

[00:30:29] JC shares about the first ever trading conference that Investagrams will be organizing and hosting in Singapore.

[00:34:28] JC explains how he manages his trading workflow amidst a busy schedule as a CEO running a trading startup at the same time.

[00:41:32] JC discusses about his stop-loss and position sizing strategy.

[00:45:13] JC explains his profit-taking strategy

[00:49:12] JC shares his main motivation for starting Investagrams.

[00:52:21] JC explains how he plans to help global retail traders out there through the Investagrams platform.

Where can we go to learn more?:
Get your special discount and learn from JC Bisnar and other trading experts at Investagrams Traders’ Summit in Singapore: src=”https://traderwave.com/JCBisnar

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