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Ichimoku Cloud Trading Strategy Explained

Ichimoku cloud is a technical overlay designed by a Japanese journalist in 1969, following three decades of trading research.

When use correctly, it can help to accurately confirm the validity of a trend and whether the trend is strong or weak.

If you have not learn this technical tool before, you can dive into this article or a primer on how to use it before you move on to learn the more advanced technical analysis methods.




Price Discounts Everything – Including Results

Many new traders and investors like to use financial news and financial results to make trading decisions.

Many a times however, stock price doesn’t move according to those developments.

In this article, the author provided a number of case studies to explain why price discounts fundamentals and how technical precedes fundamental.

If you still do not yet understand why this is a common phenomenon, dive in right now and read this article!




Getting a Trading Job: Types of Firms, Positions Available and What It Really Takes

Are you currently an independent trader aspiring to build a career around trading? Are you on the look-out to find a job of a trader?

There are many types of trading firms and different types of positions available in the world of trading.

Not all trading jobs are equal and not all trading jobs are suitable for you.

Before you go on and randomly hunt for another trading job, take some time and read this article right now.

You might then be able to learn some tips on how you can improve your chances of landing your ideal and dream trading job.




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