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How to Trade Elliott Wave for Beginners

Elliott Wave technique is another form of technical analysis methodology and trend following strategy that is quite popular with traders. 

However, this technique is significantly more difficult to understand and apply compared to other classic analysis methods likes support-resistances, trend lines and moving averages. 

In this article, the author attempted to simply the Elliott Wave trading strategy so that a beginner can easily understand the basic concept of how it works. 

So before you start diving deep into using this trading strategy, check out this guide for a head start.




The Anatomy of Market Tops

Many markets have reached new highs in recent months following a relentless recovery over the past few years. 

Some people are starting to worry whether a market top could be coming soon. 

Is there any way to reliably predict if the topping out event is happening soon? 

In this article, the author shared a few interesting perspectives about predicting market tops after conducting some research into it. 

According to the author, trend and sentiments usually lead fundamentals. This is the reason why there is this saying that markets can remain irrational longer than we think.

Read on to know the author’s conclusion about predicting market tops.




Trading Tips by Ed Seykota

Ed Seykota is a proven fund manager who registered 250,000% returns over a period of 16 years. 

He was interviewed in the classic trading book “Market Wizards” and shared many enlightening tips about how he approaches the market. 

In this article, the author summarised many of the timeless experiences that he has accumulated over the years about technical analysis, risk management and trading psychology. 

Make sure you run through this article and internalized all these key points before you go on to put on your next trade!




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