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Today’s guest, Edward Lee, is a veteran in the industry of stock investing and equities trading with over 40 years of experience dealing with multiple global markets namely the US, China, Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines, his native country.

In 1986, he founded Citisecurities, Inc. a small brokerage firm that focused on understanding and experimenting with different techniques to successfully trade stocks. Shortly after, he became Chairman of the Computer Committee of both the Manila Stock Exchange and eventually the Philippine Stock Exchange before being elected as a governor of the PSE in 1994 to 1995.

After being exposed to the convenience and efficiency of trading international markets online through the growing prominence of the Internet, he and his team of IT professionals brought the technology back to Manila and began developing an in-house trading system. The platform would allow customers to have immediate access to the Philippine Stock Exchange with the simple click of a mouse and in 1999, CitisecOnline was born.

Finally, in 2006, CitisecOnline became the first publicly listed stock brokerage firm in the country and began to implement a strong advocacy campaign to provide free education to the Filipino people about successful stock investing and online trading before officially being rebranded as COL Financial Group, Inc in 2012.

In 2013, the Caylum Trading Institute was established as part of Mr. Lee’s campaign for financial literacy with the goal of developing professional market timers to apply effective trading strategies across all global market environments.


[00:02:12] Edward shares how he was exposed to entrepreneurship at the age of 17 before starting his financial markets journey at the age of 18, to founding the biggest stock brokerage firm in the Philippines currently.

[00:08:25] Edward recalls the challenges he faced when trying to educate the mass public about timing the financial market in trading.

[00:11:56] Edward discusses about his investing and trading methodologies across the different timeframes and horizons.

[00:16:26] Edward talks about ideal way to invest and trade the Philippines market.

[00:17:48] Edward explains why it is important for a trader to be flexible enough to know what kind of strategies to use in changing market conditions.

[00:20:06] Edward shares about the biggest mistake that novice retail market participants make when opening a position in the stock market

[00:23:27] Edward discusses about the pros and cons of investing versus trading the stock market.

[00:28:04] Edward explains how he started the proprietary trading arm of his company and how he plans to public list it in the years ahead.

[00:32:06] Edward discusses the difficulties in training a group of proprietary traders and running a proprietary trading firm.

[00:39:08] Edward explains why people should not look to trade to put food on the table for themselves and their family.

[00:42:48] Edward talks about the two main trading strategies that he believes are ideal for trading the US market.

[00:45:02] Edward discusses his views on the use of artificial intelligence in the field of financial markets trading.

[00:47:08] Edward shares about what is keeping him busy and engaged at the current stage of his life.

[00:50:28] Edward explains his motivation behind the running and hosting of the Global Executive Program.

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Learn from Edward Lee at Global Executive Program 2019: src=”https://traderwave.com/GEP2019

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