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Today’s guest, Edmund Lee, is the President and CEO of the Caylum Trading Institute, a premiere educational facility in the Philippines that aims to develop successful traders of global markets.

He is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), a graduate of the Masters of Science in Global Finance Program from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Business School, and he has been a student of multiple international markets for more than 9 years, spanning countries from the United States, Hong Kong & China, Japan, Indonesia and of course, the Philippines. 

Prior to establishing Caylum, he was a research analyst for COL Financial and a strong believer that success in stocks must rely on more than just technical and fundamental analysis, but also a deep understanding of market sentiment and risk management. 

His passion and purpose for Caylum is to spread advanced financial literacy to the world and to build a thriving global community of stock investors and traders alike.


[00:04:05] Edmund explains how he started his trading journey by using both FA and TA in his trading.

[00:10:30] Edmund recalls the first trade he did and how he was down 40% despite holding his portfolio for more than a year.

[00:14:23] Edmund discusses the pros and cons of learning how to trade through mistakes.

[00:16:42] Edmund shares about the importance of keeping a journal and analyzing trading mistakes through the journal.

[00:20:22] Edmund talks about the importance of knowing the different types of trading strategies and trading horizons as a proficient trader.

[00:27:11] Edmund discusses the natural progression of a new retail trader starting to navigate his way in the financial markets.

[00:29:56] Edmund explains the motivation behind the formation of Caylum Trading Institute.

[00:35:11] Edmund shares the biggest differences between students with absolutely no trading experience versus students who have traded but failed in the past.

[00:39:55] Edmunds explains how liquidity and sentiments drive stock prices.

[00:45:39] Edmund discusses the difference between 45 degrees companies and 90 degrees companies.

[00:50:24] Edmund shares his thoughts on the ideal stock markets a trader can consider based on his circumstances.

[00:53:07] Edmund recalls the key positive characteristics of the best students who attended Caylum’s program.

Where can we go to learn more?:

Learn from Edmund Lee at:  https://www.cayluminstitute.com/


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