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Analyzing Trading Volume: The Ultimate Guide

Volume is one of the most important factor to consider when trading the stock market, because volume signifies the level of interest in the stock.

When certain price patterns happen, the level or change in trading volume provide insights to whether the event is significant or not.

There are three primary ways to using trading volume to conduct technical analysis, namely confirming the trend, confirming price reversal and confirm price breakouts.

If you are keen to learn how to use trading volume to maximize your confidence level in a trade, read on to see how the author uses trading volume in different scenarios.




Don’t Rush To Give Up Your Day Job….

Becoming an independent full-time trader is a dream “job” for many people.

Unfortunately, many aspiring traders also under-estimate how long they will take to build up enough competence and capital to trade full-time.

In the insightful article, the author shared why most full-time traders will fail if they treat trading as a 9-5 job, rather than treating it as a business.

Also, another thing that budding traders failed to realise that in order to live a comfortable lifestyle off trading profits, very high amount of initial trading capital is required.

So before you start to have unrealistic expectations of how beautiful life can be for a full-time trader, read what the author has got to say first.




Some Things I’ve Learned Over The Last 30 Years

Not many people will have the fortitude to and persistent to trade the financial markets for 30 years. 

The author of this article is one of those few to have done that and kindly wrote this article to share the 30 things that he learned about trading in those 30 years.

This excellent article is a must-read as the author shared many important principles about trading, that many traders often over-looked.

If you are able to internalized most of these learnings, you will be on your way to becoming a confident and proficient trader.




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