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5 Ways To Read Price Action And Charts The Easy Way

Price action analysis is one of the most fundamental foundation of technical analysis but many new traders are reluctant to learn it as it requires more cognitive effort to try to read the price action. 

Most new traders prefer to use solely technical indicators and overlays because it offers a clearer path to decision making. 

However, if you are able to learn how to use price action analysis, you’ll at the same time get a better understanding of how the market is thinking and as such, make a more informed decision

In this article, the author attempted to condense the art of price action analysis into 5 easier to absorb nuggets of info. 

Read it and start applying price action analysis today.




How to Find Leading Stocks For The Best Trading Ideas

Many traders and investors are afraid to buy stocks that are in a clear uptrend because these stocks often looked “expensive”. 

Most people will rather buy and average down into stocks in a downtrend as they looked “cheap”. However, they fail to realise the opportunity costs of buying cheaper but lagging stocks.

In this article, the author discussed about how he tries to find leading stocks to minimise his opportunity costs. 

If you would like to know why he favours leading stocks and how he goes about discovering leading stocks for potential trading ideas, dive in right now and check out his sharing!




Key learning from 2008 crisis was to cut down on my leverage

This is the story of how a software engineer left his tech job to pursue the journey as a full-time independent trader. 

Nooresh Merani, one of the most prominent trader / blogger in India, shares about his transition into the trading industry, the mistakes that he made during the 2008 financial crisis and his personal trading methodology.

If you wish to get some inspiration of how you can truly grow yourself into a proficient and profitable trader, read on to learn how Nooresh did it.




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