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3 Ways To Identify A Trend With Moving Average

Typically, I advocate new traders to learn price action technical analysis trading strategies first before moving on to technical indicators and overlays. 

The reason is that price action is the most basic form of technical analysis and all technical indicators and overlays are simply derived from price action. 

Once a trader is familiar with price action analysis, the first technical overlay that he can trying learning about is the moving average

Moving average is one of the best tool for trend followers

In this tutorial, the author discussed some of the ways that moving average can be used to analyze the trend and make sound trading decisions.



The Impact of The Latest Fed Interest Rate Hike

In its latest meeting a few days back, the Federal Reserve decided to hike its federal funds rate target range by a quarter point to 1.25%-1.50%. 

Any change in the Fed’s rate affects not only economic activities that are directly dependent on the interest rate but also other types of economic activities that is not directly linked to interest rate. 

In this article, the author discusses about how consumers and businesses will be affected by the latest rate hike and future ones as well. The author also briefly talked about the types of stocks that will see the biggest impact from the Fed rate hike.



Does Your Trading Psychology Have A Dark Side?

In the Star Wars movie franchise, we saw how Anakin Skywalker walked down the dark side and ultimately became Lord Darth Vader because of his inability to control his emotions and correctly utilise the strength that he has. 

Similar situations happen in trading as well. 

Poor trading usually follows from our dark sides and the misuse of our strengths

Trading vulnerability springs from the very traits that have contributed to success. 

This article proposes some actions you can take to prevent yourself from falling prey to the dark side of your psychology, while continuing to leverage on your strength.


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