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3 Simple Money Flow Index Trading Strategies

If you are already very familiar with the use of Relative Strength Index indicator, the next logical step to learning a similar higher level oscillator is to take a look at the Money Flow Index indicator.

To put it simply, Money Flow Index factors in the ratio of positive and negative money flow into the RSI (Volume weighted RSI).

In this article, the author shared 3 different ways that you can use the Money Flow Index indicator to identify potential trading opportunities.

So have fun upgrading your arsenal of technical analysis tools by learning the use of the Money Flow Index!.




How To Find A Trading Style That Suits Your Personality

Traders often hunt in search for the ultimate holy grail strategy that can seemingly generate the highest returns for them.

In many cases, even if such trading strategies exist, a trader still failed as a trader trying to apply what he learned.

One of the main reason is that he might have failed to consider is whether a profitable strategy is suitable for his personality.

In this very insightful article, the author explained how important it is for a trader to find a trading methodology that fits his personality.

So if you are still struggling to find a strategy that you can trade with discipline and in a calm manner, please dive in right now to read this article before you put on another trade!




20 Traps All Traders And Investors Must Avoid

Profitability is what all traders chase but self-destruction is often what most traders get started in, at least during the initial part of their induction into the world of trading.

Those who couldn’t climb out of the mess that they start in, usually give up pre-maturely before they have a chance to learn and understand what true trading is about.

So if you are new, the best thing you can do at the start is to prevent yourself from falling into the traps that this industry has created to suck whatever capital base you have out of you.

Read on in this excellent article on the 20 traps you MUST avoid to have a chance to become a proficient and profitable trader.




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