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The Ultimate Guide to Analyzing Trading Volume

Trading volume is one of the most useful piece of data that a trader can use to make his stock trading decision. 

As a retail or individual trader, you want to know where the tide is turning as well as how strong the tide (or tsunami) is. 

Trading volume reflects the amount of energy behind a certain price move and as such, offers us a glimpse of how strong the momentum of a move might be.

In this article, the author will address the significance of trading volume, as well as share with you how you can use volume together with price action and volume technical indicators to make your trading decision.




What I Learned From The Best Trader at Citibank

If you are truly serious about becoming a profitable trader, you want to know how the greatest traders think. 

Bruce Bower, the author who wrote this article had the good fortune to work with one of the best trader in Citibank during his trading career. 

And he has now selflessly shared the key learning points that this legendary trader in Citibank has offered him eg. the need to have a trading process that fits how your mind works. 

Read on and I hope you’ll be able to internalise these learnings as well.




Before You Place Your Next Trade, Ask Yourself These 10 Questions

A disciplined and successful trader has a trading workflow and process just like the pilot of an aeroplane. 

Typically, a pilot has to go through a series of pre-flight checklist just like how a responsible trader will run through his trading plan before he starts making trading decisions. 

This ensures that you have prepared the necessary work to ensure that you stand the highest chance of completing a flight successfully or to complete a successful trade according to your plan. 

In this article, the author listed 10 steps (or questions) that he will prepare for before he starts his trading, hopefully, this can provide some inspiration to write down your own trading plan as well. 



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