Before you start thinking about how can I make money, I want you to focus on how can i risk money but lose as little as possible, focusing on protecting your capital first.

Don’t focus on how much can I make with five thousand rupees, if I put on another 1000 rupees next month, another 1000 rupee next month, I’m compounding my returns.

That is being too optimistic because you don’t even have a profitable trading strategy or profitable trading system yet.

So focus on getting into the process alright, keep on going through the process of analysis execution review, paper trading.

Don’t use real money first alright.

Go through this process, do at least about twenty to thirty trades through this process using paper trading okay then that’s when you will have a list of thirty trades to look at, that is where you can study what is my problem, is my strategy profitable is my strategy not profitable okay.

So this is the process that I would suggest for you to start with. Now obviously you got to dive into the details, the analysis part the execution part and the review part alright, so that one is not a scope that we can potentially cover today because it’s a pretty big scope but I just want you to remember this at the back of your mind.

Focus into getting these three process first alright.

Don’t think about how much money you can make over the next six months or even one year okay.

Focus on what can I do to get into this process and keep on applying it until I’m very comfortable with it.

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Philip Teo

Founder & CEO at Traderwave Pte Ltd
Philip Teo is an entrepreneur, speaker and trading coach who specialises in the field of Technical Analysis of the financial markets. He is currently the Founder and CEO of Traderwave Pte Ltd, a financial technology company that offers a web charting application to global traders. He has conducted many trading seminars and appeared on national television before. He is also currently an official speaker and trainer with SGX Academy. Learn more about him at his Google+ Profile, LinkedIn Profile and Facebook Profile

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