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Everything You Need to Know About Trading With Trend Lines


Trend line is one of the most basic and core part of a Technical Trend Trading system.

However, drawing trend lines can be quite subjective and you will only get better with experience over time.

Meanwhile, many novice traders get turned off about learning this art and simply skip to just using lagging technical indicators.

This post will go on and provide you a very good and detailed guide about how to draw trend lines and the many unique circumstances that you need to take note of.

Hopefully, this will remove some of the subjectivity of trend lines and make it an easier learning process for you!



10 Trading Rules From Seasoned Traders 


Experienced and proficient traders often have trading rules which they research and follow religiously.

New traders often disregard the importance of building their trading rules because they don’t know how important it is to have them.

If you are a novice trader who understands the importance of trading rules, this article can provide you some guidelines on how you can formulate them.



Why You Need to Learn to Lose Properly to Win at Forex Trading


A complete trader is very comfortable about taking losses on his trades.

Losses if taken with the right context is simply part of the cost of running a trading business.

Are you comfortable with losing money on your trades?

If you are not, then you really need to have a read at this article to understand why it is important to learn how to lose properly with a purpose.



17 Insightful Quotes That Will Take Your Trading to New Heights


One of the best way to learn trading is to learn from those who had made it.

I love studying the quotes by the proven successful traders because their bite-size quotes often contain many timeless and classic trading wisdom.

And in this article, the author will be sharing with you 17 of his favourite trading quotes so that you can grow to become a better trader in time to come.



10 Qualities of Successful Traders


Trading is a journey that is often filled with struggles, pain and mistakes.

But if you are able to overcome all these obstacles, the chances of you turning into a successful and profitable trader will be greatly enhanced.

So what qualities should you have in order to become a master trader? Read on to find out more!



6 Tips To Instantly Improve How You Exit Your Trades


Novice traders are almost always crazy about triggers and entries.

But the experienced and proficient traders often realised it is the exits that truly make a difference.

Wait no further to study these tips on how to execute better exits so that you can minimise your losses and maximise your profits.



3 Key Trading Barriers And How To Overcome Them


Lack of capital, the inability to think in terms of probability and lack of focus are 3 of the main obstacles to you becoming a successful trader.

Very often, new traders keep making these same mistakes and as such, could not overcome these barriers to improve their trading abilities.

If you want to know why the above barriers could prove detrimental to your trading journey and how to overcome them, please go ahead and dive straight into this article.



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