Few people would have imagined Karim Moussalem becoming a managing director in Goldman Sachs at a relatively young age of 29.

But he proved that it was achievable.

No one would have expected him to quit the top global private bank shortly after.

Yet he did.

In 2011 and at the age of 31, Karim Moussalem left Goldman Sachs and co-founded Verrazzano Capital, a $1.6bn hedge fund.

Within a decade of working experience, Karim Moussalem had risen from the bottom of the corporate ladder, to the pinnacle of the investment industry.

How did he achieve such huge success in his relatively short financial career?


An Interview With Karim Moussalem

Mr Anonymous (a financial blogger from wilowallstreet.com) had the opportunity to interview Karim Moussalem recently.

He subsequently wrote a blog post to share about the learnings he gathered during the interview.

Factors that helped Karim became such a successful trader, mentor and thinker in his relatively short career.

Karim Moussalem Verrazzano Capital

In that blog post, Mr Anonymous shared a specific portfolio management principle from Karim that resonated strongly with me.

That principle further reinforced my beliefs about the best practices of trading and investing:

One of the most important skills to have is a sound mental process – to take the emotion out of your decisions.


One of the ways they implement that when it comes to investing at Verrazano is the use of stop losses – don’t get attached to positions. If its not working, they get out.

It is heartening to know that even the portfolio manager of a billion dollar hedge fund actively practise this timeless trading principle in his investments.

Yet, I also know of many retail traders who just could not be disciplined enough to have a stop loss.

Maybe this is the main reason why most traders ended up being unprofitable in the long run.

In the interview, Karim Moussalem also shared some pointers to the secret of his success.

As well as how to become a better portfolio manager.

Finally, Karim Mussalem concluded the interview with some career advice for those starting out in the finance and investment industry.


What Do You Want To Be?

Are you a trader trying to become more proficient in your trading?

Or have you just started out your career in the investment industry?

If you are, then there is much to learn from what Karim Moussalem did right from the start, in order to achieve his success today.

Have fun absorbing the life lessons that Karim Moussalem shared in his interview with Mr Anonymous.

And remember to share his words of wisdom with your friends!


Read the full interview article at wilowallstreet.com


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